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Purple Daisy was born from my dedication to share and to offer a blend of my creative spirit in the form of distinctive fashionable clothing.

At Purple Daisy I am passionate about the union between fashion, style, printing and texture.  Purple Daisy is authentic and for women with an acquired taste. With an eye on being unpretentious and having a unique style of its own, Purple Daisy designs are classic, trendy, comfortable and easy to wear. 

Wearing Purple Daisy Clothing, you will be showing exactly who you are, showcasing your unique style, individuality and creativity.

My Story

When I first thought about starting what is now Purple Daisy, I wanted the perfect icon to represent exactly what both the brand and I have in common. After pacing back and forth in my mind’s eye, the image of a daisy was conjured up. This was perfect! In order for daisies to blossom, showcasing their unique beauty to the earth, they turn towards the sun. It resonated in my soul that in order for me to be like the daisy, I have to do the same.

Every day I will turn to God to find within Him everything I am and everything I could ever be, fully sheltered and protected. I instantly knew that this will be part of my name. The colour was easy. I love purple, and if you are a believer you will know that purple is a Godly colour. This is how Purple Daisy was born!

I grew up in a big family with 5 siblings, of which 4 was girls. My mother use to make our clothes and I was fortunate enough that she thought me how to make my own. Ever since I could remember I loved making clothes. But as the demands of life grew, we tend to forget the little things that gives us great pleasures, at best those things that affirms we are capable to add to create.

Looking back, I wonder why we always hide our passions in fear of people judging it. For me taking my passion and moulding it into a profession at times were hard and disheartening. It takes courage to create what you believe are beautiful and then present it to a world, knowing they will have to judge it.

Purple Daisy clothing is special to me, and I would like to believe that irrespective of the success, that in essence my creations will always end in something that I personally will want to wear and would like to have, but in the end not keep and share with women that value quality, style, comfort and individuality.

– Carlien